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Ground Steel Shafts

More precise measurement tolerance ranges, which cannot be achieved with cold drawing and peeling production methods, are achieved by the grinding process. It is mainly used in automotive and defense industry projects where impermeability and visual compatibility are sought.

Our bright ground steels are produced in our modern centerless grinding lines that can provide senior product quality suitable for the most precise industrial intended purposes.

While producing our bright ground steels with very precise tolerances within EN 10278 norm, IT 6 tolerances, we keep our product quality at the highest level by continuously controlling surface defects with our ability to control cracks up to EN 10277 norm Class 4.


Cross Section

Diameter Tolerance

Diameter Range


EN 10278


10- 60 mm


6- 80 mm


6- 80 mm


6- 80 mm

* Taşlama ile garanti edilir.
* Guaranteed with grinding

The fact that our bright ground steel bars have an excellent linearity tolerance of up to 0.3 mm/m provides our customers with high quality and fast production.

Today, we have been serving 1500 happy customers with the solutions we have provided you for 45 years.

We produce bright steels according to various international standards. We offer them to our valued customers based on quality and according to usage areas.

Our products are packaged in accordance with different modes of transport with our fully automatic machine park that we have established to eliminate any cargo damage.