It was founded by the entrepreneur Salih Kılıç in Izmir.


Its first bright steel factory was commissioned in Izmir AOSB.


Its 2nd Bright Steel Factory was commissioned in Kocaeli TOSB Organized Industrial Zone.


Konya Steel Service Center went into operation.


Ankara Steel Service Center went into operation.


Steel Service Center went into operation in Kocaeli TOSB Organized Industrial Zone.


Steel Service Center went into operation on the European Side of Istanbul.


Sales Office was opened in Houston, USA.


Online Platform for E-Commerce came into service.


In its Kocaeli Bright Steel Factory, the annual production capacity was increased to 90,000 tons with new investments and modernizations made in the light of Industry 4.0 studies.


Tool Steel sales started in Turkey under the brand of Schwert Tool Steels.


BWS Blankstahlwerk Sindorf GmbH Factory in Kerpen, Germany was acquired.

Innovation works were completed. Akçelik recommended its activities under the name of Blankstahl Und Service Center GmbH.


A new partnership was made by acquiring 58% shares of Tristar Steel company in Romania.

With this initiative, we aim to provide our customers with innovative solutions concerning hard chrome plated bars and linear shaft products.


Our new-generation Logistics and Steel Service Center investment in Gebze started its activity.

Another technological facility that runs 24 hours a day and has an automatic shelf system and the ability to accept materials and prepare them for shipment was incorporated by Akçelik.

In this facility, the “Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems” was developed in cooperation with TUBITAK-TEYDEB to optimize the supply chain processes and create the targeted automation and automatic storage system. Thus, Akçelik has gained a facility that works integrated with its own ERP system, can prepare 40 packages per hour and 28,000 packages per month, and gets all of its energy from solar energy.


Our Akçelik Blankstahl Bright Steel factory moved to its new address in Schwerte. It started its activities in its new production and storage center, which was established on a 15,000 m2 indoor area and 32,000 m2 area in total.

Akçelik Blankstahl continues its activities in its new facility with a stock capacity of 9,000 tons and a production capacity of 24,000 tons.


Combining the automation experience of Akçelik and the production experience of Tristar Steel, it established the world’s first fully automated Chrome Plating Facility in Kocaeli.

As of March 2023, it has started production at the facility and aims to contribute to the country’s economy in this product range, where Turkey is a net importer, and to become the leading brand in the global market with the products to be produced here.

Akçelik and Tristar Steel has the capability to produce products with the highest corrosion resistance in Europe as standard in this field.