Linear Shafts

High precision shafts

High precision shafts are also suitable as guide rods for plain bushes, as stretch and levelling rollers and in the construction of equipment for any automatic machinery.

Thanks to the uniform hardening depth the Linear Shafts will ensure a smooth transition from the hardened surface layer to the tough, normally annealed core, which can support bending stresses. The standard surface Roughness is Ra=0,20 micron maximum.

Coatings by hard chromium plating provide optimum anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection for shafts. Hard chromium plating is suitable for applications in which a high degree of anti-wear protection is required. The chromium coating also offers good corrosion resistance. Chromium plated shafts are in standard tolerance ISO-h7 but at premium price can be supplied also in tolerance ISO-h6 or ISO-g6 or according to customer specification.