Salih Kılıç

Honorary President

Born in 1953, in 1978 Salih Kılıç started professional career and founded Akçelik Demir Çelik in Izmir.  Starting with a modest unlimited company in steel industry in a shop of 110 square meters, he became a Çemtaş A.Ş. dealer in 1988 which helped the company grow in the high quality steel industry. Starting with 3 thousand tons, dealership numbers increased to 30 thousand tons in the following years. Mr. Kılıç opened the first high quality bright steel factory in Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (AOSB) in Izmir in 1990 and the company title was changed to a limited company. The company became a dealer for Asil Çelik in 1993. Starting with 4 thousand tons, the sales under Asil Çelik dealership reached to 40 thousand tons.

Salih Kılıç continued on his journey with the goal of continuous investment and opened Akçelik’s second factory in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (TOSB) in 2002 and moved the company’s headquarters from Izmir to Kocaeli. With his goal of sustainable growth, the company became a joint stock company in 2005 and opened distribution centres in Konya in 2006, in Ankara in 2012, in Kocaeli in 2013 and in Istanbul in 2014.

With his ambitious mission in high quality steel and high quality bright steel manufacturing Salih Kılıç acted both as the managing director and chairman of Akçelik Board of Directors between 1978-2016.

Salih Kılıç continues to be the chairman of Akçelik. He is married with two children.

  • Vice chairman of Çukurova Kimya Endüstrisi A.Ş.
  • The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Private IDE Schools.