Production Services

Additional Operations

Additional operations such as chamfering, marking, and custom length cutting are carried out to reduce the process steps in your production and to provide the advantage of usage with the additional operations applied to the bright bars before they become the end product for the consumer.

Defect Control

Defect Control

To ensure the best product quality in bright steel, we can apply 100% non-destructive testing (NDT) methods on line to detect the surface and internal defects of steel.

In all our bright steel production lines, we can manufacture at IATF 16949 standards with ultrasonic internal and surface defect control (Eddy Current) method.


We are the sole manufacturer in Turkey that can make ultrasonic crack control for bright bars at EN 10308 standards. We certify our products at EN 10277 3.1 standards.

According to Class 4, which is the highest level according to the standards, internal defect control is carried out on the line.


In all our bright steel production lines, we can control 100% surface cracks up to Class 4 in EN 10277 standard with the Eddy Current method.

Non-destructive testing (NDT), the Eddy Current method, is used to evaluate the surface quality of the steel tested and to monitor the quality of test results. Chamfering is a process that eliminates sharp edges, which substantially reduces the possibility of cuts and injuries to people dealing with bright steel bars.

Custom Length Cut

In our saw park, cuts are made in the desired sizes and lengths convenient to all kinds of cutting operations. While precise cutting is made from the smallest to the largest size with our laser size-controlled band saws, length cutting is made in the desired widths with our vertical saw.

In all our Steel Service Centres, we cut a precision of +/- 0.1 mm with cutting-edge technology circular saws up to 250 mm in diameter. Thanks to this unique technology which enables us to make more than 14 million cuts per year, we meet our customers’ demands for custom lengths faultlessly.

We provide our customers with quality, zero wastage, time, labor, financing, and square meter advantage thanks to our high performance and advanced technology saw park.


We provide the stamping of desired logos and information on the products by marking them in the desired sizes and ranges on the products. This service facilitates the identification and tracking of products.


We chamfer the ends of the high-quality bright steel bars we produce at the angles of 15˚, 30˚, 45˚, and 60˚ with a length ranging from 1mm to 5mm.

Chamfering is a process that substantially reduces the possibility of injury by eliminating sharp edges for the safety of the manufacturing operator. It can be applied as one or double-edged.

Completion and Packaging

In line with the demands of our customers, we render service with our bright steels by offering automatic double-ended chamfering, special lengths, and different types of packaging according to the mode of transport.

Different packaging types of bright steel bars allow the end users to take delivery of their products immediately after production as well as to the location of the end users depending on their distance and the type of logistics operations.